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Get the Facts About Fluoridation: Overview

“If they were to accurately draw up a list of the greatest public health achievements of the past century, fluoridation might appear alongside the Tuskegee incident or positions that once promoted smoking tobacco and the use of asbestos and lead in building materials.” – Rio Molina, The Press Democrat Letters to the Editor: “The Wrong Track” (01/02/2014)

The basic questions are these: Is water fluoridation effective? Is water fluoridation cost effective? Is water fluoridation safe?

Here are videos, articles, presentations, and reports providing data on water fluoridation. If you don’t find all you need, please contact us.

USDA NATIONAL FLUORIDE DATABASE OF SELECTED BEVERAGES AND FOODS (2005): Department of Agriculture lists show the amounts of fluoride in fresh and processed foods and beverages in the United States (PDF).

10 Key Papers: a discussion of Dr. Paul Connett’s choice of the 10 key papers that challenge pro-fluoridation assertions.

Paul Connett, PhD: Dr. Connett presents his challenge to fluoridation promoters, The Case Against Fluoride.

Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH: Hear Dr. Osmunson explain the reasons he stopped promoting water fluoridation.

Stephen Peckham & Niyi Awofeso: Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention (2014)

John Colquhoun, DDS, PhD: Dr. Colquhoun, once the government’s expert on fluoridation, and the foremost fluoridation proponent in New Zealand,  explains why he changed his mind about water fluoridation.

Videos about Water Fluoridation

Fluoridation & the Environment: Video

Poisoned Horses: For a grim picture of what water fluoridation might mean to Sonoma County’s horses and their owners, read what happened to the beautiful quarter horses of Wayne and Cathy Justus, then watch the video Poisoned Horses.

The Fluoride Deception: An introduction to Christopher Bryson’s clear, well documented history of water fluoridation.

Hear Both Sides: Several balanced presentations of fluoridation issues, including a  moderated discussion between attorney Michael Connett of Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and physician Craig H. Colllison, produced by Pennsyvania State Public Television.

California Water Fluoridation

Marin County Water: A brief explanation of Marin’s water sources, its two water districts, and its fluoridation issues.

Sonoma County Water: An introduction

2013 Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury Report on water fluoridation

Sonoma County Water Sources and Systems

Sonoma County Water Agency

Russian River Utility

Salmon, Fluoridation & the Russian River Biological Opinion

Cotati: Former Cotati Mayor Mark Landman explains why  Cotati voted NO to fluoride in its water.

Healdsburg and Healdsburg Moving Forward: Information about the only city in Sonoma County currently fluoridating its tap water.

Other Information on Local Fluoridation Issues: Links, articles and videos on Sonoma County & Marin fluoridation issues.


SAFE WATER HEALDSBURG: Visit the Fluoride-Free Healdsburg website to learn more about water fluoridation, and for updates on the 2016 Healdsburg Fluoridation Moratorium Initiative. Contact for Healdsburg volunteer opportunities.

FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK (FAN). In addition to fluoridation news from around the world, FAN offers the most comprehensive fluoridation archive available, including videos, scientific articles, reports, and surveys, offering evidence both for and against water fluoridation. FAN provides comprehensive, current information on all aspects of fluoride, from asserted dental benefits to documented harm to human and animal health. FAN acts to broaden awareness of the toxicity of fluoride compounds among citizens, scientists, and policymakers. FAN also monitors government agency actions that might impact the public’s exposure to fluoride.

FLUORIDE: The Quarterly Journal of The International Society For Fluoride Research is ISFR’s PDF format open access journal.

KEEPERS OF THE WELL focuses on transparency and legal accountability from manufacturers of fluoridation chemicals , and from agencies implementing fluoridation.