The following is from a much longer letter Cathy Justus has written to share more about the great harm caused by Pagosa Springs water fluoridation, and to give an overview of the problems with water fluoridation. A PDF of Cathy Justus’s complete informational letter, including the full list of her suggested links and books, is available on request from Clean Water Sonoma-Marin, or directly from Cathy Justus  (phone: 970-264-4462 or email:


Cathy Justus. Photo by Dr. David Kennedy
Cathy Justus (2011). Photo by Dr. David Kennedy

Let me introduce myself. I am Cathy Justus from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I have the sad distinction of owning the first horses to ever be diagnosed with “chronic fluoride poisoning” from artificially fluoridated municipal water. I have this distinction not because it hasn’t been happening for years all over this world, but because vets, like doctors and dentists are not taught in their schooling the science, toxicology, and biochemistry of fluoride and what it does to the body. I know of this lack of training of proven science  because I have made it a point, over the last 25 years, to talk to hundreds of these professionals. We have now lost 8 horses and 4 dogs to this virulent cumulative toxin. This was scientifically proven by the world’s authority on fluoride poisoning in animals, Dr. Lennart Krook, DVM, PhD, Cornell University, New York.

I come from a whole different perspective than you have heard from those speaking about fluoride. I watched and lived the hell of my beloved animals getting progressively sicker and ultimately dying as others are doing with their animals, their friends and their family without these so called experts knowing why. The difference is that I have a background in knowing the science behind this toxin. Despite the science, and truth, behind fluoride poisoning, I could not get our water municipality to acknowledge the growing amount of proven, damning science against fluoride consumption from 1985 until 2005. It was at that point that they knew, from the scientific proof I provided about our horses, that either they stop this mass medication without  consent, or there would be a class action lawsuit.

There have been many lives lost and are being lost to the very same ills our animals succumbed to. Vets, like doctors, just diagnose the symptoms and then treat these symptoms instead of looking for the cause. Until the cause is addressed, the symptoms will progress. The ills caused by fluoride consumption is a very lucrative business practice and when approached with the truth, like I did with the 8 vets that were consulted, these medical professionals get bent out of shape and say, “We are the experts”, period. How can a person be an expert when the truth about a subject was never taught to them nor have they ever done their due diligence to find the truth? A perfect quote that fits this situation is “It is hard to convince someone of something  when their income depends on them not believing it”. To add to that quote, ”And when  their job standings depends on them not believing it” which is the case with the Public Health Authorities…

Wayne Justus. Photo by Dr. David Kennedy.
Wayne Justus leading Mister (Skip Classic Edition) . Photo by Dr. David Kennedy (2011).

I have studied both sides of this issue. In the beginning when I had narrowed my horse’s ills down to beginning when fluoridation began, I didn’t want fluoridation to be the culprit. I knew that it would be harder to stop fluoridation than to change feed or any other causative agent. So I studied the pro side of fluoridation trying to convince myself it wasn’t the fluoride causing the progression of my animals ills. In a very short time it was very obvious that a deception was being promulgated onto the public. I also studied old  science from back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 1970s that was in my Dad’s medical library…

When the book “The Fluoride Deception” [by Christopher Bryson] came out (2004), my suspicions were proven time and time again as I read this book, which was full of fluoride science, truth, and proven recently declassified top-secret government documentation. One third of this book is documented listings of reference materials on the science and history of fluoridation.

I was raised to be independent of the good or bad opinions of others, to listen and do my own research and come to my own conclusion. I was also taught to never swayed by other’s words and especially when there is the possibility of these others profit from what they say and promote.

My favorite quote is by Dr. Max Gerson, “You simply must not ignore the facts because of your preconceived notions.” By saying something over and over and saying it with authority, like the USPHS, CDC, EPA, ADA, etc. have for over 60 years about fluoride’s safety and efficiency, does not make what they say true…these agencies promote and market fluoridation disregarding the importance of FDA drug regulatory approval being totally missing and the fact that there are no scientific safety studies that have been done in the case of the fluoridation product…

We moved to Pagosa Springs in 1978 from Fallbrook, Calif, knowing that the clean air and water would be a great place to raise our Quarter Horses. And it was a perfect place for that until fluoridation started.

Wolf Creek Pass, This is the bueautful land that tempted Wayne and Cathy Justus to leave California. Photo of Wolf Creek Pass at Pagosa Springs, courtesy of Eric Voss.
This is the perfect place Cathy Justus describes. Photo looking toward Pagosa Springs, courtesy of Eric Voss.

As an important point, we are just below the source of our water, the Continental Divide, San Juan Mountains. This water is considered one of the top 3 cleanest in the U.S. without contaminants and then they started adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to artificially fluoridate it and the ills in our town started and grew over the years, not just in animals but humans too. The amount of heart attacks, arterialsclerosis, cancer, thyroid problems, dental fluorosis, kidney problems, endocrine problems, etc., became rampant in humans and animals.

The first symptom to manifest in our horses was chronic colics. Fluoride ingestion has been shown through proven science to change hydrochloric acid, meant to help digestion, into hydrofluoric acid, which can eat the stomach lining and cause such problems as acid reflux, digestive problems and ulcers. Colic in horses is deadly and is the number one killer of horses in America. Being well over 65% of America is fluoridated, no wonder this ailment is so rampant in horses. Colic would strike any of our horses at any time and this happened often. This symptom continued until we started hauling clean, unprocessed river water in 2004. That was the only change to bring upon this ceasing of colic. And didn’t have a single colic before 1985 when fluoridation began.

Every horse we purchased during fluoridation, that we boarded or that was raised here, became sick. The symptoms were many and varied. Here are just a few. Colic, cancer, skeletal problems including skeletal fluorosis called arthritis, osteoporosis, muscles and ligaments hardening, skin allergy, reproductive problems, deformed fetus’, abortions, thyroid problems, abscesses, head shaking, neurological problems and seizures, hormone problems, malocclusion of teeth, dental fluorosis, gum recession, teeth chipping and breaking, kidney problems, equine metabolic syndrome, laminitis, malformation of hooves, Cushing’s disease, chronic coughing and lung problems, early onset of puberty, Alzheimer’s, bone spurs, endocrine problems, heart attacks, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on.

Take a look at many of these symptoms from the human perspective and see just how many of these ailments have been multiplying in incidence in humans over the last 60 years since fluoridation started, without the so called experts being able to tell what is causing them. They just keep dispensing drugs and doing surgery, two very lucrative actions. And when a patient dies they name the symptom and just move on to the next patient. Fluoridation has a very good record of producing these patients.

Baby Doe's hoof (spring 2004) showing abnormal growth from drinking fluoridated water transitioning to normal hoof growth after a winter eating snow and drinking unfluoridated snowmelt. During the winter of 2003, for the first time after decades of drought, there was snow on the ground all winter long. The Justis's horses refused their tanks of fluoridated water in favor of unfluoridated snow and snow melt.
This photo of Baby Doe’s hoof was taken in spring 2004. During the winter of 2003, for the first time after decades of drought, there was snow on the ground all winter long. Having a choice for the first time, the Justus horses ignored their tanks of fluoridated water in favor of unfluoridated snow and snowmelt. The photo shows abnormal growth from drinking fluoridated water transitioning to normal hoof growth after a winter eating unfluoridated snow and drinking  snowmelt.

In the fall of 2004 we lost yet another mare. This was of the two that had been taken to Colorado State University without a diagnosis. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had done my due diligence researching the possible causes for these ills but nothing but one thing, fluoride, had been proven to cause them all…

A small part of my fluoride horse hell, up until 2006, is told in the documentary DVD Poisoned Horses produced by Dr. David Kennedy and International Academy For Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

…Of course the story didn’t end when fluoridation ended in Pagosa Springs. Just before the documentary, Poisoned Horses, was released we lost Skipper, my husband’s young gelding, that we had raised. This is told at the end of the Poisoned Horses documentary.

What isn’t told is that Skipper was second generation consuming fluoridated water and he had huge cancerous tumors in his lungs, and his kidneys were full of cancer. According to the California EPA there is enough arsenic in the product used to artificially fluoridate municipal water, sodium fluorosilicates, to kill people of lung, kidney, and bladder cancer. Skipper had two of these cancers. He was only 9 years old when he died a horrific death The two surgeons and pathologist who did the necropsy said the kind of cancer he had was very slow growing and, no doubt, had started by the time he was a yearling. He was born in 1999. Skipper was second-generation consuming fluoridated water so his fluoride caused ills came sooner and in fact he was born with many…Do what is necessary to stop this stupidity.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Cathy Justus
National Spokesperson Against Fluoride Poisoning In Animals
Palette J Ranch Quarter Horses
135 Dandelion Ct
Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147


CATHY JUSTUS has been a generous mentor, sharing her knowledge and her experiences,  and clarifying details, in phone conversations and by email. We are very grateful. She welcomes your questions:

CATHY JUSTUS’S COMPLETE INFORMATIONAL LETTER, including the full list of her suggested links and books (PDF), is available on request from Clean Water Sonoma-Marin, or directly from Cathy Justus:

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